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The many complex sounding words and phrases used in genetics can be quite baffling. This section will help it all begin to make sense.

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Gene People is proud to announce our new partnership with the Disability Law Service, a charity which assists disabled people and their families with legal advice.



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What happens in the genetic lab?

When having a genetic test it can be difficult to imagine what happens to your sample, what the scientists do with it to get your result and why it can take a long time. This section should help make this a bit clearer.


Genetic Testing

Genetic testing usually involves having a sample of your blood or tissue taken. The sample will contain cells that contain your DNA and can be tested to find out whether you are carrying a particular mutation and are at risk of developing a particular genetic condition. .

Genetics Diretory

Genetic Disorder Charities and Support Groups

These charities and support groups provide information and support to patients with specific genetic disorders.



If you have a question about genetics, genetic services or testing, you might find the answer in our list of frequently asked questions.