Online fundraising is the simplest way to get your supporters on board and donate.

You can set up a Virgin Money Giving page or a Just Giving page. For every £1000 raised:

*Just Giving charges charities 5% commission and 1.25% card processing fees

**Virgin Money charges charities 2% commission and 1.45% card processing fees.

Once you’ve set up your new page you’ll be able to customise it:

  1. Set targets: Set your target fundraising amount. Our previous challengers have managed to smash their fundraising targets and in some cases doubled the amount they set as target initially.
  2. Strike a pose: Add a photo to your donation page, maybe one in an action pose and wearing your GDUK vest.
  3. Story: Share your story so people can see your connection to the cause and find out why you are running.
  4. Update: Make regular updates on your page and add photos to keep your supporters in the loop on your training and fundraising efforts.
  5. Share, share, share: Make sure you post, tweet and email about your fundraising page on all your social media platforms and to all your contacts.