Before you leave your hospital appointment, make sure you are happy with the information you’ve been given.

Here is a checklist of points and questions you can tick off yourself as you go along. If there are any that haven’t been ticked, direct them at the doctor before you go.

“I would like to check that I understand what you said”, then repeat back what they’ve told you.

“Can you explain it again, please? I still don’t understand.”

“I would like to have a copy of any letters about my child.”

“What are these tests for?”

“How will we get the results?”

“When will we get the results?”

“Who do I talk to if I don’t get the results?”

“What do you think is the best course of treatment for him/her?”

“Are there any side-effects or risks?”

“How long will he/she need the treatment for?”

“How will we know if the treatment is working?”

“How good is this treatment?”

“Have you treated similar cases, and if so, what was the outcome?”

“What will happen if he/she doesn’t have any treatment?”

“Are there other things we can do to help our child?”

“What happens next?”

“Should we come back and see you again, and if so, when?”

“Who should we talk to if we are concerned/if things get worse?”

“Do you have any leaflets about my child’s condition/this procedure that I could read?”

“Where do I get more information?”

Don’t be afraid to ask for a doctor’s email address or secretary’s phone number. Both may come in handy in the future.