A checklist can be an important source of information to ensure there are no unanswered questions when you or someone you care for is discharged from hospital.

This useful checklist can be used to help make sure your departure from hospital goes well:

  • Do you know how you will be getting home?
  • Have you provided the correct contact details, including a forwarding address for any post?
  • Have you enquired as to whether you need to collect your hospital discharge letter for your GP or if it is to be sent directly to your GP?
  • Do you have all the medication you need?
  • Do you understand what your medication is for, how to take it, and any associated side effects?
  • Do you know how to manage your condition, if you have ongoing care needs?
  • Do you need a follow-up appointment?
  • Do you have all your belongings, including any cash or valuables?
  • Do you have contact names and numbers for organisations and services, if you require further support?
  • Do you have any information leaflets about your condition, if needed?

This checklist has been taken from the BMA Patient Liaison Group publication Hospital discharge: the patient, carer and doctor perspective, January 2014.