There are many organisations that offer grants to adults with genetic conditions. We have put together a list of some of these groups.

The ACT Foundation can provide small grants of up to £2,500 towards home modification. 

The Barchester’s Charitable Foundation

favour applications from over 65’s that help improve people’s mobility, independence and quality of life. Applications need to be supported by a professional such as GP, social worker or advice worker (Age UK / Citizens Advice).

Aid for the Aged in Distress offers support to people over 65 with no/minimal savings and will consider grants for equipment including scooters / mobility aids / household items. It is one of the few charities that accepts applications from individuals, although they also ask for a letter of support from a professional. The link takes you to the how we help section, which gives details of previous things they have funded.

Friends of the Elderly require an application through a third party but this could be Age UK or Citizens Advice Bureau. They offer grants to people over 60, including for mobility aids or housing adaptations. They consider applications from people with savings below £4000.

The Hospital Saturday Fund offers grants for individuals again via an application from a health professional, Age UK or Citizens Advice. They will fund equipment but also consider funding respite breaks at therapeutic centres.

The Heinz, Anna and Carol Kroch Foundation provides grants for individuals suffering from severe poverty or on-going medical conditions. Grants of £100 to £500 are provided towards hospital travel costs, household items, adaptations or disability equipment. They will not fund holidays or education.

Applications must be made in writing by a recognised professional such as a social worker, doctor or Citizen Advice representative who must include the individual’s financial information.
Letters must be addressed to: The Heinz, Anna and Carol Kroch Foundation, PO Box 327, Hampton, TW12 9DD Telephone: 020 8979 0609 Email:

Independence at Home offers funding of up to £2,000 towards the cost of equipment and home adaptations.

Margaret’s Fund small disability grants to women for equipment

The Mobility Trust provides equipment such as wheelchairs and mobility scooters following an assessment by an independent Occupational Therapist (OT) sent by the Trust.
The OT will then prescribe the most suitable piece of equipment for an individual.
Equipment is only provided if it is not available from statutory sources or the disabled person is unable to purchase for themselves.

To apply write a letter outlining why you need the equipment and details of your disability to Mrs Anne Munn, Mobility Trust, 17b Reading Road, Pangbourne, Berkshire, RG8 7LR.

RABI offers equipment grants to farming families with a financial need.

Saga offer a respite package to carers nominated for a break, which includes payment of care and a holiday for carer.

The Respite Association offered a variety of grants for care either in one go or on a regular basis for a limited time .

Disability Grant UK All across the UK there are many small charities and trusts that provide grants for the benefit of local residents and community groups. To qualify you may either have to live or work within a specified town, area or region.