Gene People was delighted to once again host the Gene People Leadership Symposium, following a short gap in events following the covid-19 pandemic.

Concept note

The 2022 concept note focused on how the world changed post-pandemic, and what genetic condition communities can do to react


The Gene People Leadership Symposium focused on topics related to moving forward post-pandemic, so that people living with genetic conditions can live happier and healthier lives

Symposium brochure

Delegates to the symposium received a full brochure, providing an overview of the two-day event and the Gene People Awards 2022

Charities and patient groups registered to attend

Get an insight into the sort of organisations who attend the Gene People Leadership Symposium

Gene People Awards

Gene People was proud to host the inaugral Gene People Awards 2022, as part of the symposium. You can now find out more about the nominees and winners of all categories


Gene People kindly thanks all sponsors of the Gene People Leadership Symposium 2022. If you’re interested in sponsoring future symposiums or other Gene People events, please contact Samantha Barber (Gene People Chief Executive): Samantha.Barber@genepeople.org.uk.