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4 and 10 November 2022, 13:30 – 16:30 (virtually)

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Gene People is delighted to welcome attendees to the Gene People Leadership Symposium 2022, examining the new world in which those affected by genetic conditions and their condition-specific support groups and organisations are living and working.

The symposium is the first from Gene People since the covid-19 pandemic, and the very first to feature the Gene People Awards. You can see all winners and nominees of the Gene People Awards 2022 here.

The event will be chaired by Prof Bill Newman, University of Manchester. Everyone with a focus on genetic conditions is encouraged to attend, including: Charity and patient organisations, clinicians, geneticists, researchers, the medical industry and other professionals.

The Gene People Leadership Symposium 2022, focused on genetic conditions in the post-pandemic world, will feature keynote speakers and panel sessions, along with opportunities for delegates to network and participate in discussions. Some of these sessions will take place between the two symposium sessions and will feed into the post-symposium report.

Members of the Gene People Partnership Network receive priority places at the symposium and all costs are covered by our generous sponsors

Sponsor opportunities

There are various ways to support the symposium, allowing us to continue to host the event. From the sponsorship of individual award categories to offering speaking opportunities, there is a suitable route for all sponsors of any size.

For more information, contact Samantha Barber (Chief Executive, Gene People).

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Concept note

Since the last Leadership Symposium, the world has changed for those affected by genetic conditions, their families and carers, and the health and social care professionals that work with them

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Symposium agenda and programme

The Gene People Leadership Symposium 2022’s full agenda and programme

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Speaker biographies

Read about the wide range of speakers at this year’s symposium

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Gene People Awards 2022

Find out more about the Gene People Awards 2022, and how to nominate an individual or group making a big difference in the genetic condition community

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Gene People Leadership Symposium 2022 sponsors

The AGF promotes and supports the scientific exploration of all aspects of human heredity through:

  • Education and communication with all interested individuals and groups
  • Stimulating and informing public debate on the social and ethical implications and relevance to human well-being
  • The study and understanding of the historical origins and development

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The Association of British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) is the trade association for over 120 companies in the UK producing prescription medicines for humans, founded in 1891.

With Gene People’s sincere thanks, the ABPI has kindly provided the charity with the gift of the event platform and technology to make the Gene People Leadership Symposium 2022 possible.

Thank you to everyone at the ABPI.